About Me


My Background



Jeff Kinzel has been working with the medium of foil for more than twenty years, applying it to both abstract and figurative subjects. Born and raised in New York, Jeff pursued his initial art studies at the Art Students League and the National Academy, also working as a studio assistant to painter Ellsworth Kelly. Later, he undertook graduate art courses at the University of Iowa. He currently runs a small school on a farm, and maintains an art studio in 

Asheville, NC. www.jeffreykinzel@gmail.com 


Foil as a Material

Description of work 

 Foil is something we all encounter on a daily basis, in commercial packaging—book covers, cigarette cartons, wine labels, and so on. The viscosity of the gel medium creates a textured surface on my canvases that looks (and almost acts) like paint. The foil is very thin, and adheres to every crevice of the painted stroke.

 The quality and intensity of the light will change the look of the work: dim light may bring out a matte surface, while bright light may cause the metallics to glow. The very composition of the work may change, as values flip 180 degrees, positive becomes negative, colors merge with neighboring colors, and images appear and disappear. 

Portrait Commissions

The process usually takes about three weeks. I can work from a photo or come and take the photo. Prices start at $3000 for an individual 25" x 27" on canvas. Contact me for more info.

jeffreykinzel@gmail.com or cell: 828-279-2235